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Matthew C. Arnold

Certified Mortgage Planner / Principal Lending Manager - Christian Roberts Mortgage

       Matthew has been a mortgage professional for over 20 years, beginning his career with a small Home Equity lender while studying business at University of Utah in the mid 90's.  He has been with Christian Roberts Mortgage since the spring of 2000 and is essentially the catalyst behind the company growth and success during that time.  He is recognized as a constant professional and revered by his co-workers as "the wizard of programs".  His ability to find solutions when difficult problems arise is rare.  Matthew is a certified mortgage planner who has a depth of knowledge in mortgage programs and underwriting analysis.  He currently serves on the advisory council for the largest wholesale lender in the country.  Serving in this capacity allows him to have a pulse on new programs and voice his opinion about new products available to consumers.

       Matt is an individual with a big heart and a flamboyant personality.  He is confident and animated in every area of his life.  This exuberance has led him to many ventures outside of his career in lending.  Though few may know his identity, he operates incognito through his foundation, SpideySLC; a 501(c)3 nonprofit.  Spidey SLC brings entertainment and thrills to people of all ages, primarily people who are ill, terminally ill or of special needs.  This organization is the fabric of who Matthew is as person.  It is also an example of his love for those friends and family around him.  

       When Matthew is not assisting clients secure a home loan or juggling his many charitable commitments, you may find him enjoying his true passion... street art.  Matt is a skilled artist and can be seen on several episodes of "The Diesel Brothers" showcasing his skills with the rattle can.  Those who have had the opportunity to see him in action come away feeling inadequate!  He has an extremely good eye for detail, and this skill is found during his work as an artist, as in other areas of his life.

Matthew currently resides in Draper, Utah with his wife Sharla and their three children - Olivia (15), Davis (13), and Sawyer (8).  

Specialties:  Wholesale Underwriting Analysis, Product Development, Work Flow


Matthew Arnold

Matthew Arnold
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